Big News: E-Signature Transactions are Coming!

CGB now offers FREE e-signature services to customers! E-signature offers the ability to both sign, print and save contract confirmations and other paperwork right from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This method of signing is more secure than a traditional hand written signature and allows you to work, seamlessly, from anywhere you have email access. You can approve paperwork with just a few clicks or taps!

E-Signature Transactions

What are e-signatures?

Electronic signatures, a form of digitally signing a document, offers customers the ability to sign, save, and print contract confirmations and other paperwork right from a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with just a few clicks or taps.

This method of signing is safer and more secure than a traditional handwritten signature and allows you to sign from anywhere that you have email access.

Ready to sign-up?

Simply login to your customer account and click "Preferences" followed by "E-Signature." In that area, you will complete the three fields shown to request an account. Once you request the E-Sign account, an Electronic Terms Agreement will be sent to the email address you've specified. Sign that Electronic Terms Agreement, and you're all set to begin receiving contract confirmations via email and signing electronically!

Questions? We are happy to help. Simply contact your local merchant for assistance or email us at