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    “At CGB, our team is well equipped with expertise and professionally managed pricing tools to diversify your risk, because we understand your hard work hinges on how you market your grain.”

    - Jeff Fichtelman, Customer Risk Manager

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Professionally Managed Pricing (PMP)

The CGB Professionally Managed Pricing program (PMP) is a contract that will price according to the views and analysis of CGB’s Risk Management professionals. These professionals will utilize their network of global traders and information to analyze market conditions and risk to price the CGB Customer’s designated bushels using various trading strategies. You’ll also enjoy weekly updates showing current pricing levels as well as in-depth commentary on the changes from that week and what we are seeing happening in the markets. The PMP is open for enrollment twice per year, in August for a September 1 start date and in November/December for a January 2 start date. 

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Strategic Portfolio

The CGB Strategic Portfolio is a tool that allows you to enroll one set of bushels to be diversified into our three core programs: PMP, EMM and MPP. We split your bushels evenly into these three programs and execute the EMMs and MPPs on your behalf. This tool provides you a simple way to achieve a diversified marketing plan while guaranteeing to price 100% of your bushels enrolled. The Strategic Portfolio is open for enrollment during November/December only for a Jan 2nd start date. You will receive weekly emails with position updates and market commentary.

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Equalizer Min-Max (EMM)

The CGB Equalizer Min-Max (EMM) provides the producer an ability to lock in a floor and ceiling of your choosing against any traded futures month in Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat. All bushels enrolled are guaranteed to price no worse than the floor and no better than the ceiling. This is a great program to protect the downside while staying in the market to potentially capture upside on a rally. The EMM is available for enrollment any day of the year. You can even enroll bushels when the market is closed or over weekends! Reach out to your local merchant for quotes. 

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Equalizer Min-Max FLEX (EMM Flex)

The CGB Equalizer Min-Max FLEX (EMM Flex) is a sister program to the EMM. It lowers the cost without a second bushel commitment through the introduction of a Threshold level below the Min Price. The customer defines their Min and Max on the EMM Portion just like any other EMM. The program prices equal amounts daily throughout the pricing window just like a standard EMM. Then, on expiration day only, if futures settle below the Threshold, the hedge is lifted at the Threshold level, banking the positive equity. If futures settle above the Threshold, all bushels are priced at the EMM price. This program is available any day of the year against all traded futures months.

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Equalizer Min-Max PLUS (EMM+)

The CGB Equalizer Min-Max PLUS (EMM+) utilizes our popular Equalizer Min-Max (EMM) program but lowers the cost through a second commitment of equal quantity. This second commitment can go against the same futures month or a different one. This program is completely customizable to meet your needs. It works great when you have a lot of old crop to sell and can utilize some new crop bushels to help lower the cost. There is a 5,000 bushel increment requirement for this program.

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Market Premium Plus (MPP)

The Market Premium Plus (MPP) allows you to achieve a Daily Hedge Price at a premium to the entry futures price, as long as the market stays above a predefined Price Out level. There is no cost to this program, but there is a second commitment of grain that could price at the Daily Hedge Price if, on expiration, futures settle above this level. This program is available any day of the year against all traded futures months.

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This is where we come to the rescue! Our team of experts are ready to discuss all of the tools listed above in addition to CGB’s complete suite of services to help you more efficiently and effectively manage your farming operation! Drop us a note, we’ll be in touch shortly.