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Creating Partnerships in Agriculture®


Mike Mock has joined the CGB Market Solutions team! Mike is a seasoned professional who provides expert advice on diversified marketing plans and we will be sharing his evaluations of grain market activity with you DAILY! It's a new project we're calling Grain Market Today and it's FREE to all CGB customers! All you have to do to get Mike's priceless insight is keep an eye on your inbox!  

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Market Solutions

At CGB, we strive to provide tailored, expert solutions for your farm management needs. From quotes and innovative contracts to expert market commentary and sleep mobile app, we’ve got what you need to ensure profitability and success.

Premium GrainsSM

Since 1991, CGB has been providing both non-genetically modified and food grade commodities for end users looking for greater value. Our Premium GrainsSM programs are designed to match the appropriate grains with each end user’s specific need, and CGB’s expertise provides the desired products and systems with custom programs that deliver results.


With nearly 100 locations across 10 states, CGB is strategically and conveniently located across the Midwest and along the nations inland waterways. For a complete list of locations and delivery points, check out our map.