Importance of Grain Bin Safety

An editorial piece by Jordan Geis-Agar, Grain Merchandiser, Midwest Region

Last week we celebrated “Stand Up for Grain Safety Week,” an annual NGFA and OSHA outreach effort that helps raise awareness about grain handling and storage hazards, provides education and training, and conveys safety best practices.

We are coming off a tough crop year that included some wet planting conditions, and now you may be dealing with less than ideal conditions of grain in the bin driven by last years delayed planting and harvest.  This can lead to decreased grain quality and increased risk of issues when working in bins, and thus taking the appropriate preventative measures is the first step to ensuring safe working conditions for you and your farm.

Although some measures can be costly upfront, they do pay dividends over time. Utilizing grain stirators, coring bins, drying down grain, and running fans are preventative measures that should be taken every year for safety and grain quality. Depending on the operation, investing a few thousand dollars could also save thousands in the long run. Another thing to look at is maintaining the grain bins themselves. Snow and rain blowing through the rooves and vents will cause problems down the line, so preventing this through regular maintenance saves headaches down the road.

At CGB, a top priority is safety at our facilities and for our customers at their operations as well. We invite you to learn more by engaging with any of our social media posts from last week that include a wide variety of resources to help you ensure safe operations. You can also visit to view the entire library of resources assembled by NGFA / OSHA

If you have any questions about grain bin safety, please contact your local Consolidated Grain and Barge office or fire department. 

-Jordan Geis-Agar, Grain Merchandiser & passionate about safety


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